Chad and Emily Fisher, with their daughters Anna and Clara, had their pastures accepted into NRCS's EQIP program in the summer of 2017.  Over the next 3 years they will incorporate into their exsisting cattle operation a new fenced in pond and a rotational grazing system.  This system will consist of barbed wire, high tensile hot wire and poly wire which will separate the pastures into multiple paddocks.  As they embark on this new and challenging grazing system Chad will continually update this page about their adventure.  Around the first of each month check in to see how things are going.

20170727 202842The beginning of the pond building process was a bit unnerving as we quickly discoverred that 3-4" of top soil was far more than we needed to cover the dam!  Not only did we have excess from overburden, but we decided we should remove all of the topsoil from the flood area, because who wants a shallow pond where the sun can hit the bottom and cause vegetation to grow?  So, we now have 3 piles of topsoil totaling somewhere between 2,000-3,000 cubic yards.  We're selling it to cover some of our project overage, but the landscapers aren't carzy about the sand in it.  Now what?!!! Anyway we'll either sell it or grade it out somewhere on the pastures where we could use a different contour.


 20170914 193927We decided that the pond shouldn't serve just a single purpose to water cattle but instead it should also provide some entertainment value.  After all it's going to be 1.5 acres!  As you can see in the picture we built up an underwater bench and graveled it so we will have a place to swim.  You can also see where we left some tree root balls for fish habitat.  I grew up on Truman Lake and spent my childhood fishing and hunting.  If we can't fish it, why in the word would we want to spend a bunch of money on a huge water hole?!!!

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