Corn Hybrids

ProHarvest Seeds sets the bar with our corn hybrids.

All corn growers need top genetics but some growers find they can get a better ROI by investing trait money in other inputs like extra fertility or a fungicide application.

As an Independent Seed Company Resor Seeds continues to offer customers choice!  Like most independent companies we license the most advanced traits needed for our region, but we also offer many of these hybrids without traits.  Our NonGMO line just keeps getting better, with new hybrid options such as ProHarvest 8265,8404 and 8522.  When a competitive seed company claims that you can only get the newest, most advanced genetics in traited hybrids you can call their bluff, plant ProHarvest NonGMO and compare to the traited version.  The results may surprise you!  In 3 years of side by side comparisons on customer's farms there was no yield advantage to traited corn when compared to its NonGMO version.

2019 Corn Hybrids

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  • High yielding new genetics
  • Very good early season vigor
  • Dual purpose potential in silage market
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8015110 DAY
  • Very good stalks and excellent roots
  • Excellent early season vigor
  • Very good test weight grain on a semi-flex ear
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  • High Yielding hybrid
  • Wide are of adaptation
  • Excellent emergence with early season vigor
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8277112 DAY
  • Provides consistent yields across environments
  • Attractive fall appearance and intactness
  • Semi-flex ear with excellent test weight
Tech Sheet
8404114 DAY
  • Large area of adaptation
  • Very good test weight and grain quality
  • Very good drought-stress tolerance
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8522115 DAY
  • Top end yield potential in high yield environments
  • Excellent test weight and grain quality
  • Robust plant type with great standability
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