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Elite Forage selected for the Green Hills of Missouri.

Seventy percent of our customers responded on a recent survey that they raise cattle, so we know that quality forage is important to the area that we service.  Keeping cropland "green" with cover crop and rotational strategies to convert sunlight into forage is profitable for your livestock operation and great for your soil!  We make every attempt to keep the following items in stock with the exception of novel endophyte fescue.

2019 Forage and Cover Crops

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Aerial Grazing Mixes
  • High Germ, Quality Seed
  • Specially Blended for Aerial Seeding
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Alfalfa - Hi-Gest 360
  • Lower lignin = high digestibility
  • Large harvest window; great for short and long rotations
  • Very dense canopy with a high leaf-to-stem ratio
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Annual Ryegrass - Centurion
  • Proven winter hardiness
  • High forage yield
  • Improved disease resitance
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Bromegrass - Smooth
  • Hay and pasture
  • Spreads through rhizomes
  • 80% of production from first cutting
Cereal Rye
  • Most winter hardy cover crop
  • Excellent spring haylage or grazing
  • 56# bag or 40 unit MB
Clover - Crimson
  • N producing cover crop
  • Fast growing annual
  • Easy to terminate
Clover - Freedom Red
  • Mulit-year variety
  • Fine stem, reduced pubescence, faster drydown
  • Exceptional yield
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Clover - Medium Red
  • Short lived
  • Good for short rotations
  • Economical
Fescue - BarOptima Plus E34 Tall Fescue
  • Safe for cattle
  • Healthy reproduction
  • Stress-free management
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Fescue -Martin 2 + Proteck
  • Novel endophyte
  • Early medium maturity
  • Southern breeding
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Forage Sorghum-AF7102
  • Drought tolerant silage option
  • Brachytic Dwarf and BMR-6
  • 85-89 day maturity
Tech Sheet
  • Spring forage or fall cover crop
  • Grown in central illinois
  • 48# bags for 40 unit MB
Orchardgrass - HLR
  • High yielding
  • Exceptional palabaility and digestibility
  • Excellent winter-hardiness
Tech Sheet
Pearl Millet-Wonderleaf
  • No prussic acid concerns
  • Tolerates many pathogens
  • Excellent warm season grazing or hay
Tech Sheet
Radish - reClaim
  • Scavenges nutrients
  • Improves soil health
  • Relieves compaction
Tech Sheet
Sorghum Sudangrass - AS6201
  • Economically priced BMR-6 Sorghum Sudangrass
  • Exceptional Drought Tolerance
  • Excellent Regrowth for Multiple Quality Cuts
Tech Sheet
Sudangrass - AS9302
  • High Palatability
  • Good Seedling Vigor
  • Good forage quality potential
Tech Sheet
  • Vigorous white turnip
  • Good leaf and root yield
  • Ideal for grazing
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