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ProHarvest soybean varieties specially selected for North Central Missouri

The owners of the ProHarvest Brand started as a soybean production company and most of the soybeans grown for Resor Seeds orginate from fertile seed fields located in East Central Illinois.  We have found seed grown in this region and conditioned by ProHarvest Seeds to be of higher quality and germination.  We have seen that the more consistent quality is worth the extra shipping cost compared to producing the same varieties in Missouri, where seed beans often dry too much before they can be harvested.

As an independent company we have access to all the soybean technologies.  This means you can count on us to make an objective recommendation based on the needs of your farm, not the needs of Wall Street.

2019 Soybean Varieties

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3427 X3.4 RM
  • Soon to be a farm favorite
  • Large area of adaptability from east to west
  • Top end yields with solid agronomics
Tech Sheet
  • New yield champ
  • High stress tolerance
  • Resistant to brown stem rot
Tech Sheet
  • Adaptable to variable soils
  • Very strong agronomically
  • Very consistent
Tech Sheet
3696 CLL3.6 RM
  • Robust plant type with excellent emergence
  • Strong performance across varied soils
  • Very good PRR and BSR ratings
Tech Sheet
  • Very solid agronomically
  • Adaptable to variable soils
  • Resistant to stem canker
Tech Sheet
3801 C3.8 RM
  • Excellent SDS tolerance
  • Beautiful, tall plant that stands well
  • Very competitive in Late Group III
Tech Sheet
3891CLL3.8 RM
  • Big Yields with great standability
  • Keep on better soils for best performance
  • Good defensive package in absence of Frog eye
Tech Sheet
3916 CX3.9 RM
  • Group III extend soybean in 2016 Missouri Variety Test
  • Medium-tall height with great branching
  • Excellent BSR rating for heavy soils
Tech Sheet
3927 X3.9 RM
  • Robust plant type with strong emergence
  • Exceptional SDS rating
  • Bushy plant that fills the row quickly
Tech Sheet
  • Yield improvement over LL lines
  • Resistant to stem canker & frogeye
  • Adaptable to variable soils
Tech Sheet
4157 B4.1 RM
  • Great performance across varied soils
  • Excellent emergence and strong early season vigor
  • Tall rugged plant type with very good standability
Tech Sheet
4191 CLL4.1 RM
  • A must have in early Group IV
  • Very attractive plant that harvests with ease
  • Good defensive package to protect yield
Tech Sheet
  • Adaptable to variable soils
  • Strong tolerance to frogeye
  • Step change in yield over LL lines
Tech Sheet
4307CLL4.3 RM
  • Tall, rugged plant type with very good health
  • Yield, Yield, and more Yield
  • Rps 1k gene with very good field tolerance
Tech Sheet
4327X4.3 RM
  • Tall statured variety with strong western adaptation
  • Rps 1c with very good field tolerance
  • Very good Frogeye and Charcoal Rot tolerance
Tech Sheet
4366 CR2Y4.3 RM
  • Broad adaptability
  • Excellent eye appeal at harvest
  • Canopies wide rows quickly
Tech Sheet

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