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Soybean Seed

ProHarvest Seeds provides top notch soybean varieties for all growing conditions.

Look for ProHarvest Seeds to provide you with the latest options of soybean seed protectants. Utlilizing the best seed treatments is one more way to protect the genetic potential of these elite genetics. We are committed to providing our farming partners with field support throughout the growing season.

2017 Soybean Varieties

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3246 CR2Y3.2 RM
  • Solid agronomics and excellent emergence
  • Consistent yields across all environments
  • Excellent SDS and SCN scores
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3296 CLL3.2 RM
  • Extremely high-yield potential
  • BSR-and SCN-resistant
  • Well adapted to all soil types
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3427 X3.4 RM
  • Soon to be a farm favorite
  • Large area of adaptability from east to west
  • Top end yields with solid agronomics
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3563 CR2Y3.5 RM
  • Medium height; medium-thin canopy fits narrow rows
  • Excellent BSR and stress tolerance
  • Strong tolerance to FrogEye Leaf Spot
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3696 CLL3.6 RM
  • Robust plant type with excellent emergence
  • Strong performance across varied soils
  • Very good PRR and BSR ratings
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3801 C3.8 RM
  • Excellent SDS tolerance
  • Beautiful, tall plant that stands well
  • Very competitive in Late Group III
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3916 CX3.9 RM
  • Big-acre soybean with large area of adaptation
  • Medium-tall height with great branching
  • Excellent BSR rating for heavy soils
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3927 X3.9 RM
  • Robust plant type with strong emergence
  • Exceptional SDS rating
  • Bushy plant that fills the row quickly
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4157 B4.1 RM
  • Great performance across varied soils
  • Excellent emergence and strong early season vigor
  • Tall rugged plant type with very good standability
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4191 CLL4.1 RM
  • A must have in early Group IV
  • Very attractive plant that harvests with ease
  • Good defensive package to protect yield
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4366 CR2Y4.3 RM
  • Broad adaptability
  • Excellent eye appeal at harvest
  • Canopies wide rows quickly
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