Prices for 2017-18 planting effective 10/1/17, subject to change unless order is paid. If price is lowered, those who paid will be refunded difference.

Corn Price (before discounts) per 80K Paper Bag or Custom Filled Seed Box

Corn Hybrid Maturity NonGMO VT2P RIB AS 3120 STAX-RIB HX1
Economy 6506  105         $179
6734 107 $179 $249      
6820 108   $259      
New 8015 110   $279      
Economy 8058 110         $179
Economy 8108 111   $189      
8170 111   $269      
8244 112 $179        
8265 112 $189   $269    
New 8277 112   $279      
8312 113   $269   $319  
8388 113 $179 $249      
8404 114 $189 $269      
8522 115 $189     $323  
Glyphosate   No Yes Yes Yes No
Liberty Link   No No See tag* Yes Yes
Corn Borer   No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rootworm   No No No Yes No
Refuge Required   Is Refuge In Bag In Bag In Bag 20% 1/2m

*Depends on refuge hybrid

Soybean Price (before discounts) per 140K paper or 40 unit Seed Box

Variety Maturity Xtend Liberty RR2Yield NonGMO Enlist* Balance GT
3246CR2Y 3.2     $55      
3296CLL 3.2   $56        
3427X 3.4  $59          
3563CR2Y 3.5     $55      
3537E* 3.5         NA  
3696CLL 3.6   $56        
3801C 3.8        $31    
3916CX 3.9 $57          
3927X 3.9 $59          
3937E* 3.9         NA  
4191CLL 4.1   $54        
4157B 4.1           $57
4366CR2Y 4.3     $55      
4307CLL 4.3    $56        
4327X  4.3 $59          
4337E*  4.3         NA  

*Enlist soybeans produced but will not be sold until all export approvals are in place

Focus Plot Credits

6820VT2P vs 6886VT2P       $150.00
8388NonGMO vs 6734,8244,8265 or 8330NonGMO       $150.00
8388NonGMO vs any competitive NonGMO Hybrid       $75.00
6820VT2P, 8170VT2P, 8404VT2P, 8312Stax, 8522Stax vs any competitive hybrid       $75.00
8312Stax or 8522Stax vs 8404VT2P       $150.00
3563CR2Y, 3916CX ,4191CLL or 4366CR2Y vs any ProHarvest or Competitive Soybean       $75.00
Highest 2017 Resor Seeds ProHarvest Corn Weigh Check (.25 acre minimum)       $300.00
Highest 2017 Resor Seeds ProHarvest Soybean Weigh Check (.25 acre minimum)       $300.00
Break a Previous Corn Record 2014 Feeney Farms 269.6 8388VT2P $600.00
Break a Previous Soybean Record 2016 Brad Wilford 91.8 8388VT2P $600.00

High Yield Checks must be done with Resor Seeds Weigh Wagon or be an official NCGA,MSA yield contest entry

Volume Discounts

From To Discount
$5,000 $7,499 1%
$7,500 $9,999 2%
$10,000 $14,999 3%
$15,000 $24,999 4%
$25,000 $34,999 5%
$35,000 $49,999 6%
$50,000 $74,999 7%
$75,000 $99,999 8%
$100,000 $149,999 9%
$150,000 $200,000 10%

Seed Package Discounts

40 unit Corn Seed Box ¹ $6.00 per unit
40 unit Soybean MB Bag ² $1.00 per unit

¹ Order by October 31st and secure with a $6.00 Non-Refundable Deposit
² We will loan customers Bag Handlers to lift bags higher and/or more safely

Early Delivery Discounts

Corn or Soybean $1.00 per unit

Customer earns $1.50 per unit discount for each unit of corn or soybeans purchased by accepting delivery
before March 15th. If Resor Seeds cannot deliver before March 15th Credit will still apply. This discount is
offered by Resor Seeds and not by other dealers in the Resor Seeds Network.

Early Pay Discounts

Halloween 10/31/17 9%
Thanksgiving (-1) 11/22/17 8%
New Years (+6) 01/06/18 6%
Valentines Day 02/14/18 3%
Fathers Day (+1) 06/18/18 Net


Farm Plan and Resor Seeds, Contact Mike @ 660-247-5298

Who can be an advisor?

We are looking to add 2 or 3 Local Seed Advisors in the following North Central Missouri Counties:

Chariton  Carroll Ray
 Linn Caldwell Daviess
 Grundy Sullivan Putnam
 Mercer Harrison  


All customer discounts except early delivery apply.  Advisor is allowed to combine all customer accounts in their network to maximize volume discounts to the network.

Commission and Bonus based on volume, contact Mike for details.


Dedicate time to educate yourselves on all ProHarvest Products and represent Resor Seeds and the ProHarvest Brand in a positive manner in your community.  Have a seed warehouse or schedule direct deliveries to any customers in your Network by March 15th.  (Resor Seeds will deliver)  All seed must be paid for or financed before delivery.  Maintain and communicate accurate customer records.  Display a ProHarvest Seed Advisor Sign at farm, assist with signing fields in the summer.

Resor Seeds became a Climate FieldView dealer in the summer of 2017.  Long term we view Climate as a way to learn  more about your fields and the products we sell you.  We think that Climate will help us, help you, to get more bushels from your ProHarvest Seed.  You can open a free FieldView Prime account (unlimited subscription) which will allow you to access field level weather and scouting features.  We intend to provide free scouting to our Livingston County seed customers who share their field locations through Climate FieldView with us.

We also will provide credits towards FieldView Plus based on your ProHarvest Brand seed purchases.

You can open a Free FieldView account right now by visiting

If you need technical assistance to set up your fields call us and we will be glad to come and assist you at your convenience.

 2018 Resor Seeds Replant Policy

Our replant prices are based on the product you replant with, not the original product planted.  We ask to be notified as soon as the grower suspects a potential replant so we can have the opportunity to see the field in question.  If we visit the field, we will make a recommendation but the final replant decision will be the growers.

Replant is unconditional except for the following reasons:

Herbicide miss-appliction (example, spraying Glyphosate on a NonGMO field)

Frost - As an independent local company we could not afford to cover a late frost event that damages all planted crops across our entire sales area.

Wheat, Forages and Cover Crops are not covered by a replant policy.

Product used for replanting Percent of List Price
Corn Non-GMO 40%
Traited Corn 30%
Corn 6506HX1, 8058HX1, 8108VT2P RIB Free
Untreated Soybeans 40%
Protect DTM Treated Soybeans 20%
Charge for Treating Replant Soybeans 50%

Although we sell a high percentage of Non-GMO corn, we would not recommend replanting beyond May 15th with a NonGMO hybrid.  The chances for 2nd generation corn borer and other ear feeding insects such as corn earworm are much greater with late planted corn, so we would normally recommend using traited corn for replant.

Replanting NonGMO corn with a traited corn gives you the opportunity to spray LibertyTM or RoundupTM on the replanted area to kill the originally planted corn.

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