To make the best Product and Agronomic decisions for our area we are starting a side x side program that will help Resor Seeds offer the best seed line-up for North Central Missouri. Resor Seeds will provide a credit and possibly test seed for growers who agree to work with us on our Focus Plot Program.

We want, we need, and we will reward your involvement in testing new products, and helping us to evaluate our current products strengths and weaknesses under your management, soils and weather conditions.

Your credits will be calculated at the completion of each harvest and a credit invoice sent around the end of October. Credits not used the next season cannot be carried over and will be lost. All focus plots must be qualified before August 31st . The 2016 Program will be announced in January and February when new products are released and experimental products are placed.

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2015 Comparisons Partnership Credit $
Experimental Vs ProHarvest Proven or New Hybrid $150 per side x side
Traited vs NonGMO Corn Test (Same isoline) $100 per hybrid test
8108VT2P Economy Challenge $75 per side x side
Corn Population Study (Normal,+5000,-5000) $75 per hybrid test
Soybean Population (Normal, +30,000, -30,000) $75 per variety test
Highest ProHarvest Corn or Soybean Yield Check $300 bonus
Competitive Side by Side (+ or – 2 RM) $50 per check
ProHarvest Focus Show Plot $300 bonus

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