ProHarvest Corn Replant Prices are based on the hybrid used for Replanting. Grower must notify us before replanting a field so we have the opportunity to inspect field, we may not approve replant price if sufficient time for emergence has not elapsed. Replant approval may not be given to replant corn hybrids from your delivered inventory if the hybrid is sold out.

Replant is unconditional as long as reason for replanting is not frost or corn killed by herbicide drift or misapplication. Any seed provided for replant must be used for replant the season provided and returned if not used for replant.

Replant prices apply to ProHarvest Brand Corn and Soybeans only.

Wheat, Forages and Cover Crops are not covered by a replant policy.

Product used for replanting Percent of List Price
Corn Non-GMO 50%
Corn VT2P RIB, STAX, 4808VIP3111, 4970HX1 40%
Corn 8108VT2P RIB 20%
Corn 6506HX1, 8058HX1 Free
Untreated Soybeans 50%
Protect Treated Soybeans 25%
Charge for Treating Replant Soybeans 50%

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