2018 Resor Seeds Replant Policy

Our replant prices are based on the product you replant with, not the original product planted.  We ask to be notified as soon as the grower suspects a potential replant so we can have the opportunity to see the field in question.  If we visit the field, we will make a recommendation but the final replant decision will be the growers.

Replant is unconditional except for the following reasons:

Herbicide miss-appliction (example, spraying Glyphosate on a NonGMO field)

Frost - As an independent local company we could not afford to cover a late frost event that damages all planted crops across our entire sales area.

Wheat, Forages and Cover Crops are not covered by a replant policy.

Product used for replanting Percent of List Price
Corn Non-GMO 40%
Traited Corn 30%
Corn 6506HX1, 8058HX1, 8108VT2P RIB Free
Untreated Soybeans 40%
Protect DTM Treated Soybeans 20%
Charge for Treating Replant Soybeans 50%

Although we sell a high percentage of Non-GMO corn, we would not recommend replanting beyond May 15th with a NonGMO hybrid.  The chances for 2nd generation corn borer and other ear feeding insects such as corn earworm are much greater with late planted corn, so we would normally recommend using traited corn for replant.

Replanting NonGMO corn with a traited corn gives you the opportunity to spray LibertyTM or RoundupTM on the replanted area to kill the originally planted corn.

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