Resor Seeds was established in the fall of 1999 to give North Central Missouri growers access to the best elite corn and soybean genetics through a locally owned and managed seed company.  Since 2011 we have contracted the corn and soybean genetics that are proven to excel in our local area through ProHarvest Seeds, an independent brand located in East Central Illinois.  ProHarvest grows and conditions most of our soybeans.  We have found through the years that we consistently get better seed quality and germination with ProHarvest grown and conditioned soybeans.  In 2020 ProHarvest became a distributor for the Apex brand of Enlist soybeans sourced through MS technologies.  Resor Seeds will be 100% Apex until we find something better for our customers.

We have been selling cover crops and forage since 2012.  These products are important to us because a high percentage of our seed customers own cattle and we want to help sustain the productivity of the erosive upland soils of our region.