Congratulations to Resor Seeds Customers who did verified weigh checks or NCGA Contest entries in 2022 with ProHarvest Corn yields over 250 bushels per acre.  We had a record number of customers record weigh checks over 250 bushels per acre with 3 different hybrids.  Thank you for choosing ProHarvest!

 Grower Yield  Acres Weighed  ProHarvest Hybrid Irrigated   
 Toedebusch Farms 298.44  1.41 8360VT2P Yes  NCGA Entry 
 Toedebusch Farms 279.71  0.33  8360VT2P  No  Weigh Check 
 Toedebusch Farms 277.26  0.26 8360VT2P  No Weigh Check 
 George Quinn 271.08 0.42 82P62TRE  No Weigh Check 
 George Quinn 267.21  0.88  82P62TRE  No  Weigh Check 
 George Quinn 265.21  0.29 8360VT2P Yes  Weigh Check 
 Kevin Gaston 262.15 1.22 8360VT2P  No Weigh Check
Terry Feeney 258.77 0.43 82P62TRE No Weigh Check
Jim Bonderer 258.19 0.52 82P62TRE No Weigh Check
George Quinn 257.74 0.29 86P23VT2P Yes Weigh Check
Kevin Gaston 255.72 0.23 82P62TRE No Weigh Check
George Quinn 254.16 1.00 86P23VT2P No Weigh Check
Terry Feeney 250.36 0.43 8360VT2P No Weigh Check