Resor Seeds 2020 Replant Policy

Resor Seeds will provide seed for replanting at a reduced price, at the growers discretion, provided we are notified in advance when a grower suspects a replant situation and we have the opportunity to visit the field before replanting.

The one exception to our replant policy is if the field needed replanting due to frost or freeze damage.

Corn replant cost is based on the hybrid you are using for replanting

8360VT2PRIB, 8535VT2PRIB,  Short supply, not approved for replanting

6778, 8277, 8404, 8522 NonGMO (30% of list price)

We would not recommend late replanting of non-gmo hybrids (unless you have a premium contract) due to increased risk of 2nd generation corn borer and corn earworm.

6872, 8147, 8277, 8324, 8404 VT2PRIB, 8522 STAX (25% of list price)

Your choice of 13 discontinued hybrids (no charge)

Soybean replant cost is based on your original seed treatment used:

Untreated soybeans - Invoiced at 50% of list price

Protect D fungicide - Invoiced at 30% of list price

Protect Ultra - Invoiced at 10% of list price

Replant seed treatment - 30% of list price

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